It's Never Too Late to Tee Up Your Golf Game

Golfing Troon North in Scottsdale, AZ Spring 2023

Photo: Matt at Troon North, Scottsdale, AZ 



Over the last 5 years, the game of golf has been growing in popularity among amateurs taking it on as a new hobby or seasoned golfers itching to get back out there after the pandemic of Covid-19.  With the controversy that is PGA vs. LIV Golf, the triumphant display of the underdog in Michael Block’s performance at the 2023 PGA Championship, and the new Netflix Series “Full Swing”, it’s no doubt that the game’s trajectory is heading in the right direction. 


And given the recent volatility going on in our world – whether that’s capital markets and the economy or the professional golf setting – I think it’s appropriate to bring forth the idea that the two don’t differ too much, and if you’re just getting started, here are few things to consider before you take them on.



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