Retirement: Will You Be Ready?

Retirement planning isn’t about identifying some hypothetical savings number you need to reach in order to ensure success. Instead, it’s about defining and quantifying the lifestyle that will provide you with happiness and fulfillment, and then aligning income sources and assets against each of those specific goals.


The Art of Retirement Planning




At Williams Asset Management®, retirement planning is in our DNA. We’ll start by gaining an understanding of the big picture of your life, goals, and income needs. Informed by that, our disciplined retirement income planning process will then help you better align predictable and sustainable income sources with important recurring expenses such as housing, food, clothing, and healthcare, so more of your portfolio can be freed up to generate income to pursue your passions and interests.

And perhaps most critically, we’ll work with you to better understand the unique risks associated with retirement including:

  • Longevity risk – the risk of outliving your assets
  • Withdrawal risk – the risk of drawing down too much of your portfolio annually
  • Inflation risk – the risk that rising costs (particularly for healthcare) will outpace your income
  • Sequence of returns risk – the risk that portfolio losses in the early years of retirement will adversely affect the sustainability of your portfolio

Find out more about Gary Williams’ inspirational retirement planning guide (The Art of Retirement) along with other retirement-related thought leadership.

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Does the idea of a thoughtfully designed and implemented financial plan working to solve even your toughest challenges sound comforting?


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