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The Art of Retirement

by Gary S. Williams, CFP®, CRPC®, AIF® with foreward by NFL legend Ronnie Lott

Written to serve as an inspirational retirement planning guide, providing valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the path towards a fulfilling retirement. The Art of Retirement explores the story of Michelangelo’s life and art as a parable to show you how you can create your own life’s masterpiece.

The great things about life, just like this book, once one chapter ends, another one begins.

Ronnie Lott, Former NFL Player, Hall of Famer, and Founder of All-Stars Helping Kids Foundation

What’s Your Vision for a Fulfilling Life?

How does your retirement fit into that vision? The Art of Retirement is divided into two distinct sections: “Creating Your Masterpiece” and “The Art of Investing”. Part one helps you define and visualize a fulfilling life and an enjoyable retirement. Part two provides a detailed discussion of financial concepts and expressing complex ideas in simple and easy-to-understand terms.

Drawing inspiration from the life and art of Michelangelo, this retirement guide is designed to show you how to: 

Gain perspective on what you value most
Avoid short-term emotions that may lead to long-term financial mistakes
Find true inspiration in real-life stories
Expand your understanding of retirement planning and investing
Learn to identify the right advisor to become your trusted partner

All profits are distributed to select charities serving the ALS community, animal welfare, and disadvantaged youth.

Gary Williams has painted a masterpiece with The Art of Retirement— an exceptionally well-written and easy-to-comprehend balance of investment advice, emotional guidance, and life planning. A must-read for understanding the essential issues to focus on in order to ensure a successful and gratifying retirement.

Wayne Bloom, CEO, Commonwealth Financial Network®

In an easy-to-understand way, he addresses the significant financial issues many of us will face as we go through life into retirement and equally important, how to enjoy the quality of life that truly counts. It is both as simple as anyone could ask for, and through many cross-references, as sophisticated as anyone could want. This is a terrific resource told in a very reader-friendly, yet powerful, storytelling way!

Colin Brown, President and CEO, JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Gary Williams takes the challenging subject of financial planning and creates a thought-provoking, easy-to-understand, and incredibly enjoyable reading experience. This is a book that would live as comfortably in the motivational section of a bookstore as the business section. For anyone who believes financial planning is daunting, this book will take them on a rewarding journey through the process of creating a financial legacy.

Carrie Bertuccio, Chief Operating Officer, Claar Advisors LLC

I highly recommend this book as an enjoyable journey in understanding The Art of Retirement, written by a passionate financial services industry expert. The connections between Michelangelo and Gary’s personal experience provide a comprehensive review of the investment process in an easy-to-follow format that can be valuable at all stages of an individual’s financial life, from beginner to expert. We will utilize Gary’s book for our corporate retirement planning course to help guide employees seeking a successful investment plan.

James Gibeaut, CPAController, Enterprise Holdings

A simple path to your dream retirement life