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Your Questions Answered.

Wealth Management

What is wealth management?

Wealth management is a client-centered and customized financial planning service that includes a comprehensive investment management strategy. This includes portfolio management along with financial planning which may include a combination of various goals such as estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning, philanthropic planning, and multi-generational wealth transfer, among other services.

The goal of wealth management is to maximize your investments while prudently managing risk to achieve all that is important to you in life.

Do I need a financial advisor?

Just about everyone can benefit from the services of a financial advisor. The role of a financial advisor is to help you develop an investment strategy to work towards your financial goals. For many, this means saving for retirement, but could also include helping you get started with investments, budgeting for your children’s college education, saving for a down payment on a home, and providing guidance to help you make informed financial decisions. When you work with Williams Asset Management, you will work with a team including a financial advisor and a financial planner, that will have the knowledge, experience, insight, and training to help their clients develop prudent strategies for managing their finances and maximizing their investments. At Williams Asset Management, we use a comprehensive, team-based approach centered around you by providing financial recommendations designed to help you maximize your resources and achieve what is important to you and your life.

Who is your typical client?

We work with both families and individuals, as well as businesses and foundations, generally managing over $1 million in investable assets that are under the stewardship of Williams Asset Management.

How long has your wealth management company been in business?

Williams Asset Management has been in business since 1994.

What is a fiduciary duty?

Fiduciary duty is a term used to describe a responsibility to act in the best interests of another person – in the case of financial planning and investment management. At Williams Asset Management, we are proud to adhere to the fiduciary standard, which means we strive to provide the highest grade of client care available in the financial service industry. We are legally and ethically bound to seek to eliminate or disclose conflicts of interest, which means you can trust that all our recommendations are in your best interest – we receive no hidden commissions and do not sell our own investment products.

Does your wealth management program have an investment minimum?

Our investment minimum for new clients is $500,000.

How is your firm compensated?

For our investment management services, we offer a competitive, tiered, and transparent advisory fee structure based on your portfolio’s size. For financial planning services, we charge a flat fee based on the complexity of your situation.


Do you work with clients remotely?

For clients living outside of the Howard County, Maryland area, we are happy to work with our clients in any way that feels comfortable to them, whether virtually or by phone.

Financial Wellness Workshops

How do I schedule a financial wellness workshop?

Williams Asset Management’s seminars are designed to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to take better control of their financial lives. More often than not, this empowerment comes back to the organization in the form of goodwill and higher morale. If you would like us to host a workshop at your company or organization or if you would like more information about our financial education programs, please contact us at

Is there a cost for your workshops?

Our workshops are complimentary.

How are the workshops presented?

Our complimentary, no-obligation financial education workshops run for approximately one hour each, including time for Q&A. They’re conducted by licensed and experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and can be held at locations and times that fit your scheduling needs. These seminars do not discuss the products and services of Williams Asset Management and are for educational purposes only.

What are the benefits of financial education workshops?

As an organization, you’ve made a significant investment in your employee benefits program and our goal is to illustrate to your employees the importance and value of the program while also educating them on various financial topics. Our workshops help you maximize your employees’ engagement with, and understanding of, your company’s benefits program and the critical role they play in their overall compensation and their family’s financial wellness.

Ultimately, the feedback we’ve received from the participating organizations includes an increase employee retirement plan participation, deferral rates, and productivity due to reduced financial stress.

Furthermore, the education and information discussed during the presentations empower attendees to make informed decisions and show their employer truly values their financial well-being.

What topics are available for the workshops?

While this list is not exclusive, broadly speaking our workshop topics include:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investing Strategies
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Estate Planning

Further, our workshops are customized with the specific benefits offered by each organization. By including the financial topics alongside the benefits, employees truly appreciate how their benefits, such as a 401k plan, will help them plan for retirement.

Where are Williams Asset Management’s financial wellness workshops held?

Workshops are typically held at the host company or organization’s offices in a meeting room. We can also conduct these presentations via live online webinars.