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    "Since Williams Asset Management founding nearly a quarter century ago, one of our most distinctive values has been providing exceptional investment guidance coupled with a dedicated relationship. Williams Asset Management demonstrates this value—and measures it—one client at a time through sound, personalized, and objective guidance.”

    — Gary Williams, Founder of Williams Asset Management



    Financial Wellness Education is Needed

    Millions of Americans, at all economic levels, live in a state of personal financial crisis. It’s impacting their health, their friendships, their family, and their work. Many want to improve their financial well-being but don’t know how. In fact, with over 64% of working Americans citing personal finance as their chief source of stress,1 it’s no wonder that over 80% of retirement plan sponsors say they intend to focus on financial wellness.2 Unfortunately, only about 20% of those sponsors have initiated a strategy.3


    Often times, planning personal finances is done indiscriminately or using information piecemealed from the Internet or magazines. Unfortunately, in today’s world of “information overload”, the quantity and similarity of information becomes “noise” and sometimes becomes overwhelming. This haphazard approach can sometimes lead to less-then-desired results.


    Williams Asset Management’s Financial Education Seminar (FES) program is the answer

    At Williams Asset Management, we believe the public needs to be better educated. With this passionate belief, we created a financial wellness program that educates and inspires attendees with a foundation of knowledge that will empower them to make better decisions with their finances.  Our Financial Education Seminar (FES) program has been providing educational workshops for over a decade to both local companies and multinational corporations. With this program, we work with you, the employer, to:

    • Customize a financial education program that encompasses your benefits program

    • Present professional seminars on a multitude of financial topics, including investing, retirement, income tax, college and estate planning

    • Offer multiple locations and times which work around your scheduling needs

    • Provide access to licensed and experienced professional financial advisors

    • Offer peace of mind to employees that their firm is truly concerned with their financial well-being

    • Increase employee productivity due to greater employee personal financial wellness

    These are complimentary, no obligation financial education seminars. Each seminar is about one hour in length and includes a question-and-answer session. As highlighted above, we tailor the presentation to your company’s retirement, welfare, and healthcare benefits so employees can better appreciate their value. As an employer, you’ve made an investment in these benefits for your employees, and our seminars can help maximize your employees’ engagement and understanding of these products and the value they have in their overall compensation.

    In addition, we’d welcome the opportunity to work with any interested employees on an individual basis to help them plan for their financial goals at a convenient time during the weeks following the presentation. This can truly be a “win-win-win” relationship for us, your firm, and most importantly, your employees.

    If this program sounds like it would be valuable and you would like to hear more, please contact us here.

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