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Why financial wellness education?

The data is overwhelming. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of all American workers cite financial concerns as their principal source of stress1 – stress that impacts their health, their relationships, and their work. Employers see it, and more than 80% of retirement plan sponsors say they intend to increase their focus on financial wellness. In reality, however, only one in five have taken any action.2

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Our passionate belief in improving people’s financial lives drove us to design and develop a financial wellness program that not only educates and empowers attendees to make better financial decisions, but it also inspires them to take a more active role in preparing for their financial future. For more than a decade, we’ve been collaborating with local, national, and multi-national organizations to:

  • Provide complimentary, no-obligation, one hour (including a Q&A session) financial-education seminars. They’re conducted by licensed and experienced Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and can be held at locations and times that fit your scheduling needs. These seminars do not discuss the products and services of Williams Asset Management and are for educational purposes only.
  • Align a custom financial education program with the employer’s benefits program
  • Conduct seminars on a range of financial topics – from retirement planning and investing to tax, education, and estate planning
  • Increase employee plan participation, deferral rates, and productivity due to reduced financial stress
  • Provide employees with the peace of mind that their employer truly values their financial well-being

As an organization, you’ve made a significant investment in your employee benefits program. Let our seminars help you maximize your employees’ engagement with, and understanding of, your company’s benefits program and the critical role they play in their overall compensation. 

Williams Asset Management is the founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), a non-profit organization, to leverage their educational content and experience with financial wellness. See sidebar and video for additional information about SOFA.

In conjunction with SOFA, Williams Asset Management is proud to have provided financial education and wellness to the following organizations:


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“Financial wellness in the workplace is the next frontier of financial education, bringing forward a customized curriculum of live presentations and webinars, tailored to the needs of any organization. At Williams Asset Management, we are excited to be part of SOFA’s ecosystem which allows us to give back to communities and organizations nationwide and empower countless employees to maintain and gain control of their financial wellbeing.”

-Nicholas A. Ibello, Mid-Atlantic Chapter of SOFA

The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA)

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Let’s enrich and improve young lives by promoting greater financial literacy

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“For those in the workplace, financial literacy and financial wellness are of paramount importance, says Ibello.



SOFA is a nationwide nonprofit organization with the mission to end financial illiteracy across America, one community at a time. They are comprised of various working financial professionals who volunteer a Pro Bono service to their communities by conducting free financial educational workshops and seminars to companies, churches and other organizations.

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The Society for Financial Awareness


Founded in 1993, SOFA has had the opportunity and privilege to work with various prominent companies and organizations across America. Their educational financial outreach, and years of continued success, has provided them name recognition and a reputation of excellence. SOFA’s clients include the FBI, NASA, Time Warner, Disney, and other Fortune 500 companies. You can also view some of the great feedback they have received from their corporate clients here.

For organizations with retirement plans, SOFA helps satisfy Erisa (DOL) 404 (c) requirements to further educate and help employees better manage their retirement. They offer over 30 educational topics which can be viewed here.



Williams Asset Management’s seminars are designed to educate, inspire, and empower individuals to take better control of their financial lives. More often than not, this empowerment comes back to the organizer – and organization - in the form of good will and higher morale. There is no cost for our seminars. If you would like us to host a seminar at your company or organization or if you would like more information about Williams Asset Management or SOFA, please contact us

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2 AON Hewitt 2016 “Hot Topics in Retirement & Financial Well-Being”