Navigating Layoffs: What Employees Should Consider and How Employers Can Help

Being unexpectedly laid off comes with a host of challenges, but if you find yourself in this situation, you can take the necessary steps to ensure your financial security. By understanding your options for your retirement plan and health insurance and managing cash flow, you can minimize the economic impact of unemployment. 

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Exploring the Differences Between Private & Public Foundations: A Guide to Charitable Giving

Published in the Baltimore Business Journal on February 3, 2023

Whether you're a seasoned philanthropist or new to charitable giving, understanding the key differences between private and public foundations can help you make informed decisions about your charitable giving strategies.

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The Surprising Benefits of Maintaining Close Relationships in Retirement

Retirement is often thought of as a time to kick back and relax, but did you know that having close relationships during this phase of life can actually provide a ton of benefits? Research shows that strong social connections can improve both your mental and physical health, lower your risk of depression and cognitive decline, and even increase your lifespan. Yeah, you read that right – having friends and loved ones around can actually help you live longer.

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What to Consider If You Receive a Premium Increase Notice for Your Long-Term Care Policy

Next to a notice from the IRS, one of the more unsettling letters a person could receive is a notification from their insurance company informing them that their Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance premium will be increasing. Before jumping to conclusions or making a costly mistake (such as dropping your coverage), it’s essential to know that this premium increase is not about you

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Should Inflation Change Your Holiday Spending?

There is no denying that inflation is top of mind for everyone right now, especially as we approach the holidays. But, before you mark everyone on your list as “naughty” to avoid breaking the bank, let’s take a look at what you can do to approach the holiday season with confidence despite the rising cost of goods and services.

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Have I Saved ‘Enough’ to Retire?

Published in the Baltimore Business Journal on November 10, 2022

Running out of money in retirement is a rational fear, and many of today’s workers are feeling it, especially post-COVID. According to Gallup, 63% of American adults surveyed in April 2022 were “very worried” or “moderately worried” about having ‘enough’ to retire when or how they would like.

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Recession? Who Cares?

In the past several months, the financial world has been fixated on whether the U.S. economy is in a recession or whether one may be imminent. 

So, are we in a recession according to the technical definition, or are we waiting for more economic indicators to line up according to the NBER? Why should we care? More on that later. But first, we'll explore the two definitions of a recession.


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You Don’t Need to Be a Millionaire to Take Advantage of These Charitable Giving Strategies

The reality is most people don’t have millions or billions to give away. However, they are still charitably inclined and seeking to make a difference by helping others in whatever capacity that they can. Some may not be aware they can accomplish this, while at the very same time, optimizing their own financial situation. Here are three strategies that can benefit charitably minded people across all economic tiers.


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Don’t Let ‘Media Forecasting’ Influence Your Investment Decisions

Would you be surprised to learn that the costliest investment mistakes are often made as a result of our emotions? You see, the reasons for markets going down are always different, but the emotions we have as investors are always the same. Fear, panic, and an inclination to protect against loss tend to take the lead when prices dip. There is little else that can worry us more than our money, so it’s only natural to feel this way. We begin asking questions like:

When will the declines stop?, Is there anything I can do to protect against loss?, How will this affect my near and long-term financial plans?


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An Introduction to Alternative Investments-Part II

Part II – Is the 60/20/20 Portfolio the New 60/40 Portfolio?

Understanding the Types of Alternative Asset Classes

The universe of alternative investments is constantly expanding, with choices ranging from private equity funds to real estate to hedge funds, employing complex hedging strategies using options, derivatives, and futures contracts. Here are some of the more popular alternative investments used by investors in an attempt to enhance returns, minimize volatility, or do both.

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