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Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ Certification

What is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ Certification?

A Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ (CRPC®) is a professional designation awarded by the College of Financial Planning® to candidates who successfully complete its study program and pass a final exam.

CRPC® professionals are experienced advisors who are focused on the entirety of the retirement planning process.

Their focus is on:

  • Maximizing the client experience during the retirement planning process
  • Principles and strategies when investing for retirement
  • Making the most of social security retirement benefits
  • Bridging the income gap: identifying other sources of retirement income
  • Navigating health care options in retirement
  • Making the emotional and financial transition to retirement
  • Designing optimal retirement income stream
  • Achieving income tax and estate planning objectives in retirement
  • Fiduciary, ethical, and regulatory issues

How Can a CRPC® Professional Help You?

Embark on your retirement journey with confidence alongside our CRPC® certified experts at Williams Asset Management. Our dedicated professionals not only understand the intricacies of retirement planning but also work diligently to tailor strategies that align with your unique financial situation, guiding you along your path to retirement success.

We offer specialized investment plans designed to fulfill your retirement goals, positioning your portfolio precisely with your risk tolerance and preferred lifestyle. Furthermore, our CRPC® professionals provide invaluable tax-efficient insights to help you optimize your retirement income, ensuring a smoother journey through the transition period for a secure financial future.

Source: College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company

Our Team of Professionals

We have taken great care in building a highly talented team of financial and investment professionals who are skilled in financial planning and investments. 

Our collaboration with Commonwealth Financial Network® provides Williams Asset Management with a team consisting of more than 50 professionals with the CFA®, CFP®, ChFC®, or JD certification/designation. These experts act as an extension of our own team; supporting us in delivering tailored guidance.