Protect Yourself from Identity Theft During the Holidays

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, we are consistently hearing a lot of our clients talk about the cyber security. Staying safe online in this digital world deserves our attention more than ever, especially during the holiday season.

    Why College Students Should Have a Health Care Proxy

    Preparing for college is an emotional rollercoaster for both parents and students alike. As a parent, you tend to concentrate on applying for financial aid, organizing for the upcoming tuition payments, and even transporting all of your child’s furniture/clothes.

    The Forecast for Black Gold

    There are a lot of opinions about the price of oil. Some experts are suggesting the price could plummet to $10 per barrel while others are making the argument for $150 or more. The correct answer is that nobody really knows. However, we can’t stop reading about the predictions.

    Wedding Financial Tips: A Survivor’s Guide

    It’s that time of year again: Wedding Season!

    The financial burden of putting-on, or even attending a wedding is something to think about. However, with proper planning, it’s possible to keep wedding costs under control! In this article, we hope to share a few financial tips so you can enjoy your day without depleting your savings.

    A Potential Conflict of Interest with your Financial Advisor

    I have been managing investments for over twenty years and, during this period, I have met with many prospective clients. It is during these initial meetings that I review investment statements and other financial documents to determine if I can be of assistance. As an independent advisor, there is one specific situation that I believe deserves attention since it is a potential conflict-of-interest when acting in a fiduciary capacity. The situation looks like this:

    Investing Can Be Like Playing a Game of Monopoly

    Remember playing Monopoly with your kids or as a kid? It’s a game of strategy and most of us choose one of two ways to go. The first way is to spend most of our cash on a high-end property like Park Place or Boardwalk in the hopes that we will score a big profit when the other players land there. The other strategy is to purchase a combination of high-rent and low-rent properties to spread out our investments.

    Alternative Investments: Risk or Savior?

    Originally posted: June 3, 2015

    Emotions and Investing: Keep your Poker Face


    Originally posted: June 25, 2015

    Enough is as Good as a Feast


    Originally posted: July 30, 2015

    Suitability vs. Fiduciary Standards…It Matters!