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Timothy Chesser




Timothy Chesser’s journey to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER is as diverse as it is intriguing. As a student at Towson University, he delved into Business Administration with a focus on Investments and Financial Planning, laying the foundation for a career dedicated to helping individuals navigate their financial futures.

What sets Timothy apart is his early initiation into the world of finance. Long before he pursued his formal education, Timothy was already displaying an entrepreneurial spirit. He cultivated a landscaping business while harmonizing church melodies on the piano for the Church of the Nativity and serving as a waiter at a local retirement community. It was during his high school years that he first dipped his toes into finance through a Money Management club, sowing the seeds of what would become his passion.

During his college years, Timothy gained invaluable experience by interning with a local registered financial advisor, an opportunity that exposed him to the intricacies of financial planning. Recognizing his fervor for working directly with clients, he charted a career path toward becoming a Financial Planner.

Timothy embarked on his professional journey with AIG Retirement Services, focusing on financial planning for Baltimore County Public School teachers. This experience honed his skills and deepened his commitment to guiding individuals toward financial security.

In August 2023, Timothy achieved a significant milestone by obtaining his CFP designation, a testament to his dedication to his craft and his clients.

Hailing from Cockeysville, Maryland, Timothy treasures his close-knit family ties. Beyond the world of finance, he is a passionate pianist, lending his musical talents to his church on weekends and leading a college-aged small group. Timothy thrives on quality time spent with cherished friends and family, embraces the challenges of weightlifting, and enjoys the camaraderie of golf, whether it’s a casual round with friends or a memorable game with his father. Timothy Chesser is more than a Financial Planner; he is a multi-faceted individual who brings depth and dedication to every aspect of his life.