Corporate Trustee (in partnership with Williams Asset Management) vs a Traditional Corporate Trustee



    Bank of Kansas, Fidelity Personal Trust Company, Capital First Trust Company, Peak Trust Company, Wealth Advisors Trust Company

    Traditional Corporate Trustee

    Separate fiduciary duties

    The grantor appoints WAM to assume fiduciary responsibility over managing the investment of the assets held in the trust.

    The grantor appoints Bank of Kansas, Fidelity Personal Trust Company, Capital First Trust Company, Peak Trust Company, or Wealth Advisors Trust Company [strategic partner of WAM] as trustee to separately handle trust administration and safekeeping of the assets.

    The corporate trustee assumes responsibility for both the administration of the trust and the management of the trust investments.

    Established relationship

    WAM has an established relationship with the client and understands the client's entire financial situation along with family dynamics and relationships.

    The corporate trustee assigns its own trust investment manager who will need to become acquainted with the client's history, risk tolerances, and needs and may not have a view of the client's entire financial picture.

    Investment flexibility

    WAM has the flexibility to select investments that best meet the trust's investment objectives, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other marketable securities.

    The corporate trustee may not have such flexibility and the range of available investments may be more limited.


    The client continues to benefit from the superior service and their  trusted relationship with WAM.

    Smaller accounts may not get the desired level of service and attention.

    By retaining WAM as manager of the trust assets, you enjoy our investment management expertise across your entire portfolio. Incorporating trust assets into your overall financial plan can enable your portfolio to be managed to its greatest potential—taking advantage of tax efficiencies, creating a truly diversified portfolio, and helping to best meet your risk and return objectives.  

    The well-respected services of Bank of Kansas, Fidelity Personal Trust Company, Capital First Trust Company, Peak Trust Company, and Wealth Advisors Trust Company permit permit WAM to select the assets that we believe best meet the trust's objectives. Conversely, a traditional corporate trustee may be limited to their institution's investment offerings.  

    Also, with a traditional corporate trustee, the new manager will need time to learn and understand the client's history, risk tolerance, and specific financial needs—details we already know well based on our existing relationship with you. 

    Getting Started

    A trust officer will work with us and your attorney throughout the process to ensure that your needs are being met. The trust company will facilitate the administrative review, finalization of the trust agreement, and establishment of new accounts and will assume trust assets for safekeeping.  

    Integration with your existing system

    The trust company will coordinate direct access to WAM's trading platforms so you can maintain the trust accounts on Investor 360® with your non-trust investments.   

    Ongoing Trust Administration

    An experienced trust officer handles all the administrative details, such as recordkeeping, making disbursements, and evaluating discretionary requests. Other administrative duties the trust officer takes care of include:

    • Retaining cost basis information
    • Collecting dividends and interest
    • Paying bills
    • Producing of all quarterly statements
    • Preparing required annual accounting
    • Filing tax returns (or working with your tax preparer to file)