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“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” ~ Unknown


The impact of a small act of kindness can be profound, especially when it causes a chain reaction and spreads. Like a viral video, if you can convince somebody else to pay it forward, it could start a conversation around the world, bringing people together. If kindness and joy can go viral, we think the world will be a better place filled with happier and healthier people.

This past holiday season, Williams Asset Management strived to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. Random clients were selected to assist us in achieving this goal. Each client received a prepaid gift card that was used for a random act of kindness! Read our Pay It Forward stories below for some inspiration. If you received a gift card, please be sure to revisit this page once you have “Paid It Forward” and share your story!

Thank you for helping us Paying It Forward!

~ Williams Asset Management

Pay it Forward Stories for 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to pay it forward!

We decided to gift a dear friend of ours, who has had many unfortunate situations in her life, and is on a very tight budget. She is always willing to give, and this will be a great switch in that she is being given back.

Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks

~K&D F.


Hello Gary & The Williams Asset Management Team!

We want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your “Pay It Forward” program. As you may recall from conversations that we’ve had, D & I continue to stay connected to the inner city and the residents within. As a result, we found an amazing candidate deserving of a gift of fate & love. A single mother and grandmother of three has been suffering with a serious heart illness and hospitalized for several procedures. As a result she has been unable to work for the past year. An unfortunate result of her inability to work has interrupted her income and any disability compensation has been disapprovingly withheld. Two weeks ago she had to undergo open heart surgery.  Needless to say, all of these circumstances have put her and her family in a critical situation. Especially during this time of the year!

Her financial struggles as well as her medical impairments during this time deserves some encouragement of faith. As soon as we received the gift certificate from you, we were without any hesitation on how to improve the life of someone deserving a little lift off her shoulders in a very special way.

Thank you for helping to make her Christmas happier this year!!! It was a pleasure for D & I to be a small part of this positive movement!!!

~R&D J.


J and I have volunteered at a transitional housing facility (homeless shelter) in Baltimore County for several years.  The "Pay It Forward" VISA card will be given to the Program Coordinator at the facility, as she is very familiar with the needs the families.  In particular, there is a shortage of essential items, such as diapers, for the babies.  Also, the funds will be used to purchase toiletries such as shampoo, combs, and other necessities.

It is gratifying to help others in a meaningful way.  Thanks for helping make this happen.

~D&J F.


We are friends through our son and his family with a beautiful family of four. Recently, the mom was diagnosed with a virulant cancer which had spread through her body. She fought a determined war with this disease of over a year. It cost her a leg, which had to be amputated, and many months of radiation and chemotherapy. Through it all, she remained upbeat and positive that she would survive. She did survive, but with a weakened immune system. That year cost she and her family great financial stress,  her many friends pitched in with a Go Fund Me page as well as a benefit bash that attracted 100 plus individuals who helped her in her plight.

The upshot of that year resulted in remission of the disease, and a return to almost normal life. She never gave up hope, and radiated an indomitable spirit that lifted all of us with her beautiful smile and her never give up attitude.  Then, recently, the cancer returned. It is now in her bloodstream in addition to other organs. She has been given a 20% chance of survival, but she begs to differ with the prognosis, and is again going through chemo. If you were blessed to be one of her friends, and have a conversation with her, she would truly have you  believe that she's going to beat it again. Many tears have been shed, but we are once again joining her in her battle against a wretched enemy. We can only think to help her once again and stay positive. She will have to take leave from her job during the chemo regimen, and with one child in college, and the other in high school, finances will once again be critical.

We have pledged our help, as have many other friends.  We could not think of a more worthy individual for this pay it forward gift.

Thank you, and may the New Year bring health and comfort to all.

~M&J S.


It took a while but we were able to cash the debit card and donate the results to a couple of men here in Vero Beach who looked like they could use the donation.

~H&G S.


The “Pay it Forward” card was put to good use.  We always donate to a local food bank and I included the Visa card when I gave them our check.  I explained how it worked and they were very glad to receive it. The group is NCEON...North County Emergency Outreach Network.  They also help folks with money to stop utility shut offs and avoid evictions.

Thank you for including us in this worthy program.

~R&C B.


We always talk about ways we can give back to our community.  It was such an honor to be selected for the Pay It Forward program.  We contacted the guidance counselor at our son's school and asked if we could give her the card  for a family in need.  She assured us that she knew just the family to give it to. Thanks so much for the opportunity to provide joy to folks in our community.

We will be starting this as a tradition for next year!  Thanks again!

~M&C M.


We live in a gated resort community in Central Florida located in a primarily rural area. Our development is self-contained and we don't need to venture out very often or very far, but when we do we find we are surrounded by heartbreaking poverty. We wanted our pay-it-forward gift to benefit as many people as possible, so we asked around and discovered an extraordinary  place that provides the neediest in our community with food, clothing, job training, outreach, financial assistance with rent and medical treatment, and every kind of assistance imaginable in a nondescript concrete building on a little country road. The sign out front said "FAITH NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER" which stands for Feed and Instruct the Hungry.

We met with the executive director and learned that this little organization of three full-time staff and over 100 volunteers works to feed and improve the lives of 850 families a month (about 2500 individuals). Because of the group's connections and economies of scale, our $100 gift card will provide $900 worth of food and necessities to these needy families. The organization seeks to help these families obtain the skills and services they need to become self-sufficient, to live with dignity, and most of all, to have hope.

Not only did your pay-it- forward card give us the opportunity to help the most desperate residents in our local area, it introduced us to an organization clearly worthy of our continued support.

~C&A P.


I wanted to let Williams Asset Management know that I gave the $100 Visa card to A.C.E. Peer Resource Center in Georgetown, DE. Some of the ways this (non-profit) organization helps homeless people include providing meals, hot showers, and finding jobs. Following is the content of a thank-you note I received from Linda Williams at A.C.E. She didn't include her title.

"Thanks so very much for the $100 gift to the A.C.E. Center.  We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity. We are having a Holiday party on Friday, Dec. 22 with a special dinner and games, music, and gifts.

We may use the $100 for small gifts for the regular members of the Center so they will have a package to unwrap during the party.  We may buy fresh oranges, apples, and some candy for each one as well.

Again, we thank you for the gift!"

~P A.


There is a family on our street that always does everything for everyone one else. When it snows they plow their house, all the sidewalks, then the houses of older people on the street. They have four boys and the father has held almost every position possible in Cub Scouts for 12 years. They volunteer heavily in the community, their church, watching other people’s kids at a moments notice, block parties for our street, volunteering to coach so sports classes don’t get canceled. They do a lot. Right before Christmas I found out that they both were looking for jobs. The husband had been out of work for four months and my friend was nervous because their oldest was going to college next fall and they had nothing saved up. I typed up a note anonymously thanking them for everything thing they do & left the note and card wrapped up by the front door. I nearly got caught. It was fun to watch her expressions change as she opened the little package and read the note.

Thank you for the chance to help someone else out!

~K&M M.


We had a neighbor that lived down the street with his Dad. He quite his job to take care of his Dad who was battling Cancer. Unfortunately the Dad lost the battle and to meet medical bills the house was foreclosed on. Our neighbor became homeless. Many neighbors gave him, food ,shelter and odd jobs for spending money. His health was declining and his attitude was of non worth . We all feared for him. One of my neighbors got him a shelter this Fall. The change has been miraculous . He has hope !!  With the generous gift card from WAM, it can help him but necessities for a month or two.

We take for granted of those who live pay check to pay check , much lessday by day . I know this was a small token , but to see his face light up and how
thankful he was , I give thanks  to be part of the " Pay It Forward "program.

Thanks to all at The Williams Asset Management Team !!!

~H&K S.


I volunteer at FoodSunday, a food bank for Carroll County. While there, we had a lady come in, desperate  for the food we give out. He husband had recently  had a stroke, and all their health/work benefits had ended. She was taking care of her husband  and 6 children/grandchildren. The gift card brought tears to her eyes and she could not thank us more. She said her family had always been independent,  this was the first time they had ever been desperate for help.  That card brought a great deal of happiness.... not just the money, but that people/a business cared.

Wonderful, generous and compassionate  gesture.

~S&K H.


We were so pleased to be able to use our Pay it Forward card to help others. We chose a local outreach program affiliated with one of our local churches. The program provides  daily lunches and numerous personal items/toiletries to 26 local families. We were happy to be able to keep the gift of giving within our community.  

 Thank you so much, Gary, for giving us the  opportunity to Pay it Forward.

~H&L S.



His name is Kevin.  He lives in Baltimore City with his fiancé and his young daughter.  He is an ex-offender who has served time in prison.  He was introduced to Open Door America a few years ago, a non-profit which serves the community by offering a mentoring approach to an individual life plan, and finding employment.  A friend of ours is his mentor and recently shared with us Kevin’s latest struggles.  Kevin, like most in his situation, does not have a bank account.  He cashes his checks and pays the bills.  He was recently robbed coming out from cashing his check.  Within days, he was robbed again coming out of his home on his way to pay his electric bill.

After hearing this a couple weeks ago, we offered our church’s assistance in paying the electric bill so his electricity wouldn’t be cut off while we experienced single digit temperatures.  We were happy to give our friend the Visa card to give to Kevin this week so that he will be able to purchase groceries and other necessities.

On a positive note, Kevin had already given back before receiving.  He and three other ex-offenders were cleaning an abandoned lot in Baltimore when they noticed a woman coming from a house asking someone to call 911.  These four individuals went into the burning home and rescued the family of 4 before fire officials arrived on the scene.  They were honored last week by the mayor of Baltimore.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pay it forward!

~B&L S.


Thank you for considering me for the Pay it Forward program.

I was talking to a student in the College Testing Center and found out that she was very stressed about taking her exam. Her home was damaged during Hurricane Irma so her family of 4 was displaced for a while. Her car was stolen and crashed into a pole. And, they bought an inexpensive replacement car which died within the week.

When she finished her exam, I asked her to step into my office and I presented her with the gift card. She was speechless.

Thank you again for allowing me to make someone's day a little brighter.

~D J.


I volunteer at a center called “More Too Life”, founder Dr. Brook Bello started this foundation which helps young boys and girls who have been victims of sexual violence, prostitution and human trafficking. Last year this organization helped about 315 young girls. Here is the link to their site

I was able to split the gift card to help 10 girls, each received $10 gift cards from Walmart to help buy diapers and everyday essentials.

~L H.


Our Pay it Forward card was used for an online donation of innovation initiatives (such as portable ultrasound devices) to Save the Children. This orginazation gives children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and helps transform their lives so they may have a better future.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this program.

~D&J P.


We decided to donate our card to the Appalachian Service Project.

This organization helps build and repair homes for low-income families. Many do not have basic necessities: indoor plumbing, heat, electricity. ASP believes all people should be treated with love and dignity. Their outreach provides families the ability to live in safe, affordable, and sanitary housing. Thank you Williams Asset Management, for giving us the chance to help this wonderful ministry.

~C&E C.


We donated the Pay-it Forward gift card in support of the Leeds VA Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System to supplement their program assisting veterans suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorders. Our daughter-in-law volunteers as an instructor in yoga in a proven effort to enhance the patients' overall well being both in body and mind.  The gift supplements much needed supplies and equipment.  Inspired by your pay-it-forward program we have also matched the donation.  

Thank you.

~J&B E.


Thank you so much for the gift card. I really wanted to make the best use of it, and struggled with the perfect pay-it-forward opportunity. Then . . . my
church, Christ the King Lutheran, announced their outreach partnership with Feed My Starving Children. This past weekend we hosted a Mobile Pack event, and over the course of two days we, as a church and a community (over 500 volunteers), packed 101,088 meals, enough to feed 276 children for a year.
Part of the church's responsibility as a host was to raise $20,000. This covers the cost of the food, materials and shipping . Christ the King raised even more, and the overage will go toward us hosting again next year. My gift card helped make this happen.

Thanks for a gift that warmed my heart for months to come.

~D. G.


Our daughter is a Para-educator at Running Brook Elementary School. I asked her if she knew anyone who could use the gift card. She told me about a teacher at the school who ran the backpack program that prepared backpacks every weekend for in-need children to provide food for the children over the weekend. The children are often not fed over the weekend. I wrote a note explaining the gift card and gave it to my daughter to give to the other teacher.

My daughter said she was so excited to receive the gift and named several things that were needed to help the program.

We received a lovely thank you note.  Thank you Gary and staff for providing this gift for the needy.

~D&A S.


Gifted the card to a friend in West Virginia who has had a recent streak of bad luck. Her mother passed away last month, she is undergoing chemo for bladder cancer, and her husband recently had knee surgery. She is doing the best she can on their little farm, and is very appreciative of the card which they are using to buy food.

Thank you Gary and Williams Asset Management.

~A B.


When we received the VISA card we searched for a way to use it. We could not  decide on an individual to give it to. Then we started looked for organizations who could reach larger people. We decided to give it to an organization associated with our church. We gave it to NCEON (North County Emergency Outreach Network). The Manager was extremely grateful and said they could really make this gift go a long way.

~J&D D.


Gary and Team,

Thank you for allowing us to participate in the Pay it Forward program, we think this is a great way to help someone who needs a little more in their lives. We were able to share this with a friend that has been struggling with her teenage son and has decided he needs a fresh start out of state. I am sure this will help them in their new life's journey.

Thank you again

~J&S K.


A neighbor, possibly with a disability and who has never worked, recently lost her 2002 car. A good friend of ours, also a neighbor, happened into another neighbor who was selling/giving away another 2002 car but in much better shape. They facilitated the transfer to our Pay-it-forward neighbor. After some discussion with our good friends it became apparent the neighbor with the disability has very little funds for food let alone electricity and heat. We found called to present her with the debit card upon which she immediately said she was going to the market for some fresh vegetables. We think we made the right choice and that you and our Lord were honored.

 Well done Williams Asset team.  

~T&B H.


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