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    The Art of Retirement

    by Gary S. Williams, CFP® with Foreword by NFL legend Ronnie Lott



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     “This well-written, comprehensive guide by a financial planner paints retirement in a new light.  The key difference between Gary Williams’ engaging book about retirement and so many others written on the subject is the author’s perspective: He believes that to enjoy retirement, everyone must create a life that is a “masterpiece.” Williams points to Michelangelo as a prime example of an artist who, “created masterpieces, but also understood that his own life was a masterpiece and, at the same time, a work in progress.”  Read full review
    —Barry Silverstein

    “Financial planner Williams offers solid retirement planning advice using examples from the life of Michelangelo… An engaging guide aimed at retirees but packed with practical advice that even 20- and 30-somethings might use.” Read full review
    —Kirkus Reviews

    “As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, I have read many financial planning books for individuals over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, most are either too light on important data or too analytical and complex for most nonprofessional readers. In The Art of Retirement, Gary not only addresses the important elements of retirement planning, but he does so in clear and entertaining manner. This is definitely a book that I will recommend my clients read!”
    —Brad Levin, CFP®, AIF®, President and Founder, Legacy Wealth Partners

    “Most books on retirement focus only on planning financially for the event. The Art of Retirement illustrates how retirement isn’t just about how you will live your life years from now, but how you live your life now, as you build your legacy. Gary Williams’ book is both inspiring and informative.”
    —Brad Pollard, Vice President of Information Technology, Sourcefire, Inc.

    “Gary Williams has successfully tackled a daunting task in his book The Art of Retirement. In an easy-to-understand way, he addresses the significant financial issues many of us will face as we go through life into retirement and equally important, how to enjoy the quality of life that truly counts. It is both as simple as anyone could ask for, and through many cross-references, as sophisticated as anyone could want. This is a terrific resource told in a very reader-friendly, yet powerful, storytelling way!”
    —Colin Brown, President and CEO, JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

    “I have read many good books on investing, and I have read many good books on the psychology of achieving personal happiness in life, but I have never before read a book that marries these two topics together as brilliantly as Gary Williams does in The Art of Retirement. Creating personal wealth is a paradox in that it does not in itself create happiness, but when combined with personal wisdom, wealth can create a brilliant life full of joy, value, and love. In The Art of Retirement, Gary Williams weaves together a tapestry of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and guidance that will allow the reader to create an investment strategy that will lead to not only wealth, but more importantly to true happiness.”
    —R. Daniel Richardson, CFP®, President, Pantheon Real Estate Services

    “This book artfully combines many aspects of planning for your future. Gary does a wonderful job bringing together, and making sense of, the many components that will create your retirement plan: discovering what you want out of retirement, understanding investment concepts, and developing a plan to get there.”
    —David Weaver, CFA, President and Portfolio Manager, The Adams Express Company

    “Where you stand is a function of where you sit. Do you know where you stand on your readiness for retirement? Sit, read, and learn where you stand. A must-read for anyone contemplating retirement.”
    —J.P. Bolduc, Chairman and CEO, JPB Partners

    The Art of Retirement gives you more than a blueprint for creating a portfolio masterpiece. Gary Williams wrote the book for anyone who wants to build a legacy of responsibility and independence.”
    —Jim Munchbach, Professor of Personal Finance, Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

    “Gary has absolutely nailed it in his book, The Art of Retirement. I loved the stories, analogies, and sage wisdom and felt challenged to refresh my own retirement strategies. If you read this book you will be more prepared both financially and emotionally for your best retirement.”
    —John Ledford, CFP®, President, Ledford Financial bestselling Author of Win and The Only Business Book You Will Ever Need

    “Gary Williams has painted a masterpiece with The Art of Retirement—an exceptionally well-written and easy-to-comprehend balance of investment advice, emotional guidance, and life planning. A must-read for understanding the essential issues to focus on in order to ensure a successful and gratifying retirement.”
    —Wayne Bloom, CEO, Commonwealth Financial Network

    “Gary Williams provides a wealth of practical information on retirement, ranging from advice on preparing a nonfinancial legacy of personal values, to examining technical matters, such as investment strategies. I recommend The Art of Retirement for anyone interested in understanding the scope of services offered by a competent wealth manager.”
    —Guy Maseritz, Esq., Business Attorney

    “Books on investing are, like leadership books, often written from the perspective of a single individual and that person’s idiosyncratic point of view. In The Art of Retirement,Gary Williams steps back and asks the reader to think more broadly about his or her life, and how retirement and one’s financial goals fit into a larger whole. He then takes that broader perspective and walks you through an analytical framework that makes sense and clarifies what can often be a confusing set of choices.”
    —John K. Hoey, President and CEO, Y of Central Maryland

    “This is a wonderful book, and so much more than a typical financial planning book. Gary’s initial topic of focusing on the role of money in determining one’s happiness is extremely thought provoking for anyone trying to balance being a good parent while providing one’s family with financial security. The book then asks the reader to think of retirement in a holistic manner considering many things, including finances, time management, and the importance of one’s legacy. Lastly the book is able to explain, in a simple and effective manner, a wide selection of technical financial planning theories. Gary’s personal experience will force you to reevaluate your understanding not only of money but what is true success. Gary’s professional experience is demonstrated in the wide breadth of topics that are discussed, and it is a truly insightful book that will provide you with a roadmap to achieve a successful retirement.”
    —Matthew K. Buckley, CPA Board Member, Private Equity CFO Association

    “Gary brings a fresh perspective to The Art of Retirement. He’s written a tremendous resource that is a must-read for every professional in America.”
    Jonathan Oleisky, President/Partner, Kalix Communications, LLC

    “Gary Williams takes the challenging subject of financial planning and creates a thought-provoking, easy-to-understand, and incredibly enjoyable reading experience. This is a book that would live as comfortably in the motivational section of a bookstore as the business section. Gary’s unique anecdotes, based on his family’s experiences, help us understand how to find both financial security and personal happiness. For anyone who believes financial planning is daunting, this book will take them on a rewarding journey through the process of creating a financial legacy. With a smile.”
    —Carrie Bertuccio, Chief Operating Officer, Claar Advisors LLC

    The Art of Retirement is a must-read for anyone over 40! As a 30-year veteran in the industry, I will put to use many of the principles immediately.”
    —Jon Sundt, President and CEO, Altegris Investments

    “I highly recommend this book as an enjoyable journey in understanding The Art of Retirement, written by a passionate financial services industry expert. The connections between Michelangelo and Gary’s personal experience provide a comprehensive review of the investment process in an easy-to-follow format that can be valuable at all stages of an individual’s financial life, from beginner to expert. We will utilize Gary’s book for our corporate retirement planning course to help guide employees seeking a successful investment plan.”
    —James Gibeaut, CPA Controller, Enterprise Holdings

    “I never thought living with ALS would be part of my retirement. I have learned there is an art to life, as well as an art to retirement. Gary has mastered both!”
    —Augie Nieto, Chief Inspirational Officer, Augie’s Quest co-founder and former president of Life Fitness Chairman, Octane Fitness

    “The great thing about life, just like this book, once one chapter ends, another one begins.”
    Ronnie Lott, former NFL player, Hall of Famer, and founder of All Stars Helping Kids Foundation

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