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    "Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." — Unknown


    The impact of a small act of kindness can be profound, especially when it causes a chain reaction and spreads. Like a viral video, if you can convince somebody else to pay it forward, it could start a conversation around the world, bringing people together. If kindness and joy can go viral, we think the world will be a better place filled with happier and healthier people.

    This holiday season, Williams Asset Management will strive to make the world a better place one good deed at a time. Each year, random clients will be selected to assist us in achieving this goal. Each client will receive a prepaid gift card that should be used for a random act of kindness! Read our Pay It Forward stories below for some inspiration. If you received a gift card, please be sure to revisit this page once you have “Paid It Forward” and share your story!

    Help us this holiday by Paying It Forward!

    — Williams Asset Management

    Pay it Forward Stories for 2017

    Thank you for the opportunity to pay it forward!

    We decided to gift a dear friend of ours, who has had many unfortunate situations in her life, and is on a very tight budget. She is always willing to give, and this will be a great switch in that she is being given back.

    Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks

    — K&D F.


    Hello Gary & The Williams Asset Management Team!

    We want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your “Pay It Forward” program. As you may recall from conversations that we’ve had, D & I continue to stay connected to the inner city and the residents within. As a result, we found an amazing candidate deserving of a gift of fate & love. A single mother and grandmother of three has been suffering with a serious heart illness and hospitalized for several procedures. As a result she has been unable to work for the past year. An unfortunate result of her inability to work has interrupted her income and any disability compensation has been disapprovingly withheld. Two weeks ago she had to undergo open heart surgery.  Needless to say, all of these circumstances have put her and her family in a critical situation. Especially during this time of the year!

    Her financial struggles as well as her medical impairments during this time deserves some encouragement of faith. As soon as we received the gift certificate from you, we were without any hesitation on how to improve the life of someone deserving a little lift off her shoulders in a very special way.

    Thank you for helping to make her Christmas happier this year!!! It was a pleasure for D & I to be a small part of this positive movement!!!

    —R&D J.


    J and I have volunteered at a transitional housing facility (homeless shelter) in Baltimore County for several years.  The "Pay It Forward" VISA card will be given to the Program Coordinator at the facility, as she is very familiar with the needs the families.  In particular, there is a shortage of essential items, such as diapers, for the babies.  Also, the funds will be used to purchase toiletries such as shampoo, combs, and other necessities.

    It is gratifying to help others in a meaningful way.  Thanks for helping make this happen.

    —D&J F.


    I volunteer at a food pantry called Carroll County Food Sunday. Over 300 individuals and families receive groceries on a weekly basis. Many of their stories are heartbreaking.

    Gary,  your thoughtful gift card went to a husband, wife and six children. The father had a stoke recently; however their lives are a bit more joyous thanks to you!

    —S&K H.


    We are friends through our son and his family with a beautiful family of four. Recently, the mom was diagnosed with a virulant cancer which had spread through her body. She fought a determined war with this disease of over a year. It cost her a leg, which had to be amputated, and many months of radiation and chemotherapy. Through it all, she remained upbeat and positive that she would survive. She did survive, but with a weakened immune system. That year cost she and her family great financial stress,  her many friends pitched in with a Go Fund Me page as well as a benefit bash that attracted 100 plus individuals who helped her in her plight.

    The upshot of that year resulted in remission of the disease, and a return to almost normal life. She never gave up hope, and radiated an indomitable spirit that lifted all of us with her beautiful smile and her never give up attitude.  Then, recently, the cancer returned. It is now in her bloodstream in addition to other organs. She has been given a 20% chance of survival, but she begs to differ with the prognosis, and is again going through chemo. If you were blessed to be one of her friends, and have a conversation with her, she would truly have you  believe that she's going to beat it again. Many tears have been shed, but we are once again joining her in her battle against a wretched enemy. We can only think to help her once again and stay positive. She will have to take leave from her job during the chemo regimen, and with one child in college, and the other in high school, finances will once again be critical.

    We have pledged our help, as have many other friends.  We could not think of a more worthy individual for this pay it forward gift.

    Thank you, and may the New Year bring health and comfort to all.

    —M&J S.


    It took a while but we were able to cash the debit card and donate the results to a couple of men here in Vero Beach who looked like they could use the donation.

    —H&G S.


    The “Pay it Forward” card was put to good use.  We always donate to a local food bank and I included the Visa card when I gave them our check.  I explained how it worked and they were very glad to receive it. The group is NCEON...North County Emergency Outreach Network.  They also help folks with money to stop utility shut offs and avoid evictions.

    Thank you for including us in this worthy program.

    —R&C B.


    Thirty five books were given to below grade level readers in 4th grade.  The students were so excited to have a book of their own. This was in a needy school where I volunteer.  Your gift was greatly appreciated.

    —K&D S.


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