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    The Art of Retirement


    The Art of Retirement
    by Gary S. Williams, CFP® with Foreword by NFL legend Ronnie Lott


    What is the Secret to a Comfortable, Secure and Fulfilling Retirement?

    Retirement planning usually focuses on your investment portfolio to determine if it is enough to live comfortably and feel secure after you stop working and throughout your golden years. Naturally, the financial aspect of retirement is important and thoroughly discussed in The Art of Retirement. However, Gary Williams’ wider vision sees the financial piece as only part of the picture. As Gary says, “retiring to something, instead of from something” is equally important to ensure a fulfilling life.

    In many respects, life is like art. It is unique to each one of us. It has the potential to be great; it also holds the possibility of achieving a less than desirable result. Like a painter standing in front of a blank canvas, the future is limited only by creativity and resources—whether that resource is money or the number of colors available on a palette. In keeping with an artistic metaphor, Gary has woven the story of Michelangelo’s life and art into The Art of Retirement to help you create your own life’s masterpiece!

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    In Chapter 1:

    • Read NFL Legend and Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott’s inspirational message about “greatness”.
    • Gain perspective on what you value in life. In one of many examples found in this chapter, Gary shares the story of his dear friend and former NFL player, O.J. Brigance who battles ALS. This chapter and O.J.’s story will help you gain perspective and appreciate, even if you are faced with adversity (i.e. poor health, poor investment performance, unable to save enough, etc.) the drive to move forward, and still achieve the most rewarding life possible.

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